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MYRRHA, a world first in many ways

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) is actively working on designing and building this multifunctional research installation in Mol. MYRRHA is the very first prototype in the world of a nuclear reactor, driven by a particle accelerator with a significant thermal output. Discover what MYRRHA is all about and how you can contribute to this future-oriented challenge.

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Safe, efficient and waste-reducing

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It is vitally important to ensure that an innovative research installation can be operated safely. MYRRHA's Accelerator Driven System has two major advantages:

  • Nuclear reactions can be easily and safely controlled
  • The volume of radioactive waste will be reduced considerably

Radioisotopes for the world

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Our world is seriously in need of medical radioisotopes for diagnosing and treating a number of diseases, such as cancer:

  • MYRRHA will meet increasing demand
  • MYRRHA will guarantee global supply

Materials and fuels for new reactors

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MYRRHA is designed to to take over and extend the role of an existing reactor that is playing a major role in international research.

  • MYRRHA is building on the past
  • MYRRHA will enable the execution of smart irradiation tests

Come and work at MYRRHA

Would you like to be part of making this innovative and challenging research installation a reality? We need bright people with a scientific, operational and international background who are full of enthusiasm and who believe in the future of what we are doing. Join the MYRRHA team!

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All eyes on MYRRHA during the 62nd IAEA General Conference


MYRRHA drew a lot of attention at the 62nd IAEA General Conference, which was held on 17-21 September in Vienna this year. The increased interest is the result of the recent decision by the Belgian government to build this worldwide unique infrastructure, thanks to a financing of 558 million euros.

Realization of a new large research infrastructure in Belgium MYRRHA


558 million euros for a new research infrastructure in Mol

Cathy Schoels  +32 (0) 0477 68 02 80  - cathy.schoels@gmail.com
Maud Vanderthommen  +32 (0) 473 58 61 04 - maud.vanderthommen@sckcen.be


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