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Colloquiem - Nuclear waste: incineration and transmutation

01 June '23

Very pleased to have contributed to the ACS colloquiem on 25 May 2023. In Luxemburg, Hamid Aït Abderrahim (MYRRHA ivzw), Adrian Fabich (SCK CEN) and Peter Baeten (SCK CEN) took the floor, together with: The Presidency of the Senate, Mrs Marion Dupuis, Gérard Longuet, Mrs Sabrina Mantega, Mrs Nicole Pererathe, Roger Garbil, Vincent Charlet, Luc Gaffet, Bernard Salha, Hervé Maillart, Robert Pays, Bertrand Morel, Vesseron Philippe, Dominique Vignon, Jean-Pol Poncelet, Peter Baeten, Fanny Farget, Guy Wormser, Jean-Luc Alexandre, Stefano Buono, Valerie Faudon and Franklin Servan-Schreiber.


Click on over to LinkedIn for some photos.

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