MYRRHA design revision 1.6 and the phased implementation plan

Date: 01/06/2017
Author: Van den Eynde, G.; Fernandez, R.; De Bruyn, D.; Baeten, P.; Aït Abderrahim, H.

Published in: Technology and Components of Accelerator Driven Systems: Workshop Proceedings. OECD NEA - Nuclear Energy Agency, 2017. p. 141-150

Once started as a small irradiation facility, based on the accelerator-driven system (ADS) concept, the purpose of the MYRRHA Project has been extended to become a material testing reactor for material and fuel research, to study the feasibility of transmutation of minor actinides and finally to demonstrate at a reasonable power scale the ADS principle and technology. Being based on heavy liquid metal technology (lead-bismuth eutectic), it significantly contributes to the development of lead fast reactor (LFR) Technology. In the beginning of 2014, SCK•CEN has consolidated a coherent version of the primary system. This so-called version 1.6 of the primary system forms the basis of the work performed by an engineering consortium on the balance of plant activities. In the present paper, we detail the current design of MYRRHA and briefly present the current tracks under investigation towards the next release 1.8. In 2016, a phased implementation plan has been established with the aim of reducing the financial and engineering risk.