Influence of LBE long term exposure and simultaneous fast neutron irradiation on the mechanical properties of T91 and 316L

Date: 26/02/2016
Author: Stergar, E., Eremin, S.G., Gavrilov, S., Lambrecht, M., Makarov, O.; Iakovlev, V.

Published in: Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 473, p. 28-34

Conducted from 2011 to 2012, the LEXUReIIeLBE irradiation campaign was aimed at investigating the combined influence of irradiation and LBE environment. In this irradiation campaign tensile test samples, pressurised tubes and corrosion samples were irradiated in LBE filled capsules. To separate the effect of exposure to LBE and neutron irradiation, a parallel furnace experiment where the samples were exposed to LBE at the irradiation temperature for the corresponding time was conducted. Here we report results of the first extracted capsule that was irradiated for about 6 months and dismantled after a cooling phase to decrease activity. The results of SSRT tests for irradiated T91 show that exposure to LBE at 350 ºC for a long time leads to the appearance of liquid metal embrittlement without any pre-treatment which is usually necessary to promote LME. Irradiation increases the effect of LME on the ductility of T91. In contrast to the findings for T91, the gained results also show that tensile tests on irradiated austenitic stainless steel 316L show no influence of LBE environment on the tensile properties.