Chemistry and release of Radioistopes in LBE

Date: 24/01/2017
Author: Aerts, A.; Gonzalez, B.; Rijpstra, K.; Lim, J.; Rosseel, K.; Marino, A.; Manfredi, G.; Gladinez, K.; Schuurmans, P.

Published in: GLANST-2017 - Global Symposium on Lead and Lead Alloy Cooled Nuclear Energy Science and Technology, Seoul, Democratic People's Republic of Korea

In safety assessments for licensing of LBE/Pb cooled ADS and FR, accurate prediction of retention of radionuclides by LBE/Pb is crucial. Recommended data in OECD handbook allow limited assessments only. SCK•CEN's approach (MYTH model) allows global equilibrium analysis and has been very successful in several cases. But for a number of critical radionuclides (e.g. polonium, iodine) the availability of fundamental data and understanding of mechanisms is still insufficient for quantitative predictions. Thermochemical (equilibrium) model needs coupling to system/CFD code. Dedicated collaborative R&D programmes should be set up to fill the gaps.