MYRRHA Target Fusion Station

FTS v2

The Fusion Target Station (FTS) is a flexible, nuclear fusion oriented research infrastructure designed to handle a proton beam of 4 mA and 100 MeV. The FTS consists of a flowing water containment separated from the vacuum by means of a thin metal window. By adjusting the position in the water tank, the proton beam energy can be fine-tuned to match irradiation conditions required to investigate fusion materials. The design will also enable the introduction of a water cooled spallation source that can generate a hybrid proton-neutron irradiation field. In this water-filled containment, FTS users can further design irradiation experiments within a predefined safety envelope.

Upon operational deployment, the FTS will be applied to investigate accumulated irradiation damage and/or to perform in-situ testing of materials exposed simultaneously to mechanical load and irradiation beam. Irradiated

samples will be transferred to hot cell facilities at SCK CEN or elsewhere, where they can be thoroughly examined with state-of-art equipment. FTS exploitation focus will therefore be on screening perspective/innovative materials and assessment of irradiation-creep softening effects as well as diagnostic equipment validation.

The following elements will comprise the FTS facility:

  • an irradiation module
  • an instrumentation module
  • a hot cell for transportation and sample reloading
  • a dedicated testing laboratory in hot cells of Nuclear Material Science Institute

The facility will welcome research projects at both national and international level and will be tightly linked with European fusion research activities (EFDA/EUROfusion consortium).