MYRRHA Proton Target Facility

PTF v3

The Proton Target Facility (PTF) is a multi-purpose research infrastructure that will use up to 0.5 mA of the 100 MeV proton beam. It will ensure the production of radioisotopes and research into several fields.

The heart of the PTF is the Isotope Separation On-Line (ISOL) system, where a wide range of radioisotopes will be produced by nuclear reactions of the proton beam with the primary target material. This includes ceramic materials containing uranium, thorium or tantalum. The radioisotopes produced with ISOL are extracted from the target in a delicate and technologically challenging task, involving lasers, electrostatic devices (quadrupoles and electrodes) and precisely tuned magnetic dipoles. In the end, one specific radioisotope with high purity will be transported to the laboratory for further manipulation – the strength of the ISOL system. Radioisotope manipulation can range from a pure collection

onto a foil (for medical isotope harvesting for instance) to trapping in electromagnetic “bottles” and observing its radioactive decay in a very detailed manner.

The full PTF laboratory surrounding the primary target container will consist of:

  • a facility for handling and temporary storage of the used primary targets,
  • a mass separation room,
  • a radiochemistry laboratory,
  • a laboratory where various experimental setups for fundamental research can be installed.

The PTF will be available for national and international research groups.